Quattro Wine Group


Quattro wine Group is a boutique importer and distributor of premium FRENCH Rosé DIRECT to the australian market.

STEEPED IN TRADITION, FRANCE has been producing ROSÉ for generations. the rolling hills OF PROVENCE carpeted with lavender and the cool air that flows over the alps are perfectly suited for ROSÉ winemaking.




Quattro Wine Group was established by a band of four friends who share a passion for fine French Rosé. The ‘Quattro’ turned this passion from fun filled conversations to fulfilling their desire to share the experience of traditional Rosé with the rest of Australia.

We have purposely selected from long standing, traditional and organic Rosé dedicated vineyards throughout the region. Quattro celebrates providing the Australian market with the most premium range of French Rosé.

Quattro Wine Group is 100% Australian owned and operated. 


Our wine

Quattro Wine Group has access to an extensive range of Rosé perfect for any occasion. Our portfolio includes now counts over 15 bottles including our first pour range to magnums and jeroboam for the bigger celebrations.